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About the Timer

A timer is a digital tool that allows users to set and track specific time intervals.

From controlling study or work time to timing food preparation in the kitchen, a timer is a versatile and useful tool in various everyday situations. With it, you can maintain focus on an activity for a set period, ensuring greater efficiency and organization in daily tasks, as well as aiding in more precise time management.


  • Timers on Wikipedia - Learn more about timers and how they are used to measure time intervals.

How to Use:

Start: To use our timer, the user starts by setting the desired time in the input fields, specifying hours, minutes, and seconds as needed. Then simply click the “Start“ button to begin the countdown. During the process, the timer will display the remaining time clearly and visibly, allowing users to easily track progress.

Pause: During the countdown, if you wish to temporarily pause the timer, press the “pause“ button to pause or instantly resume. This allows for a break without losing progress.

Reset: To restart the timer during the countdown, press the “restart“ button at any time. This will allow you to change the value of the input field and restart the timer for a new countdown.

Completion Alert: An important feature of the timer is the completion alert. At the end of the set time, the timer emits an audible alert, indicating the end of the countdown. This alert can be customized, allowing users to choose between different sounds.

Audio selector: When you click on the audio selector, you'll be presented with a variety of engaging tones to freely choose which will be the sound of the completion alert.

Useful Shortcuts:

  • Spacebar: Pressing the space bar pauses or resumes the timer instantly. This allows you to temporarily pause the timer if needed, without losing progress.
  • Key x: If you want to restart the timer at any time, you can press the “x“ key. This will restart the timer, allowing you to change the value in the input field.
  • Key f: The “f“ key allows the website to toggle between the standard screen and full screen, making the countdown larger and more prominent, reducing potential distractions.

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