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About the timer

A stopwatch is a simple yet essential tool for measuring time intervals.

Unlike a timer, which counts down from a set time, the stopwatch starts from zero and continues until manually stopped.

It is widely used in various activities such as running, exercises, or competitions, allowing for precise tracking of elapsed time.

Its versatility and precision make it valuable in various everyday situations, ensuring efficient time management.


How to use:

Start the Countdown: To use the stopwatch, simply click on the “Start“ button to begin the timer. From that moment, the stopwatch will start counting in real time, showing the elapsed time since the start.

Pause: During the countdown, if you wish to temporarily pause the stopwatch, press the 'pause' button to pause and instantly resume. This allows for a break without losing progress.

Reset: When you're done using the stopwatch, use the “Restart“ button to stop the stopwatch and reset it. By pressing the button, the stopwatch returns to zero, allowing you to start a new timing measurement. This function is useful when you've finished using the stopwatch and want to prepare it for a new timing.

Lap Record: One feature of our stopwatch is the ability to record laps or split times. To do this, simply click on the 'Lap' button when you wish to record a lap. This allows you to track the time of each lap individually, maintaining an accurate record of performance.

Useful Shortcuts:

  • Spacebar: A useful shortcut is the space bar, which allows you to easily pause and resume the stopwatch. This is especially helpful during activities where you need to temporarily stop the timer.
  • Key x: If you wish to restart the stopwatch at any time, you can press the “x“ key. This resets the timer, returning the stopwatch to zero.
  • Key v: To record a lap during the countdown, you can use the “v“ key as a shortcut. This is useful for marking split times throughout an activity.
  • Key f: The “f“ key allows the website to toggle between the standard screen and full screen, making the countdown larger and more prominent, reducing potential distractions.

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